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Dr. Agahi grew up in Southern California where he attended Aliso Niguel High School. He was then accepted to University of California Los Angeles, UCLA where he completed his B.S. & B.A. undergraduate studies in Physiology and Near Eastern Studies.

Dr. Agahi began his dental career at University of Nevada Las Vegas, UNLV School of Dental Medicine and graduated in 2016. He then started practicing as a general dentist before his post-doctorate residency.

Dr. Agahi found his passion to become a Periodontist because he felt that was the best way he could help his patients improve their smiles. To pursue this career path, he was selected to advanced periodontology program at University of Southern California, USC. Here, he spent 3 years mastering all phases of modern periodontal therapy and dental implant surgery, using advanced techniques and materials. Dr. Agahi is a periodontist who specializes in dental implant surgery and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease. Dr. Agahi also specializes in esthetic and functional soft tissue surgeries.

Services provided:

  • Treatment of Periodontally Compromised teeth (guided tissue regeneration, osseous surgery,
    crown lengthening)
  • Soft Tissue Grafting (CTG, FGG)
  • Aesthetic Crown Lengthening
  • Dental Implant Surgery (Single unit, full arch)
  • Bone Grafting (block graft, guided bone regeneration)
  • Sinus Augmentation (lateral window, vertical sinus)
  • Extractions and Socket Grafting
  • Third Molar Extractions
  • Exposure of Impacted Teeth for Orthodontic Treatment
  • PRF Preparation
  • IV Moderate Conscious Sedation