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Laser Dentistry

FDA Approved Treatment That Makes Dental Visits Stress-Free

We get it. Sometimes the sound of a drill in your mouth sets your nerves on edge. Other times, multiple visits to your dentist takes you away from better, funner activities. And don’t even get us started on the discomfort many patients feel when a needle is inserted in their gums! Remove the frustration and rely on the comfort and ease of Solea laser dentistry! This computer-controlled laser technology takes the place of drills and needles and reduces both discomfort and the amount of time you spend at our office.

Asaro Dental is the place for me. The doctor made me feel comfortable and my treatment was fantastic. My smile is brighter and for the first time in years I actually enjoy looking at my teeth in the mirror.

Teresa G.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is the FDA-approved use of lasers to help your dentist:

  • Detect cavities: Lasers can detect cavities earlier by finding evidence of tooth decay.
  • Prepare your teeth for dental fillings and remove silver fillings, if needed, in a way that minimizes the loss of tooth material.
  • Treat tooth sensitivity: This sensitivity to hot and cold can be caused by exposed tubules in your tooth’s root. Lasers seal those tubules, reducing or eliminating sensitivity altogether.
  • Whiten your teeth: Lasers speed up the bleaching process during teeth-whitening sessions.

Laser dentistry can also:

  • Treat a “gummy smile.” Lasers can reshape gum if its length covers too much of the tooth.
  • Lengthen crowns. The reshaping of gum tissue and bone helps with placing restorations on the teeth.
  • Treat tongue frenulum attachments. If you have a thick or tight frenulum (the fold of skin under the front part of tongue that anchors to the mouth floor) that causes you to get tongue-tied or have a speech impediment, you might need a laser frenectomy to loosen your tongue.
  • Remove soft tissue folds. Sometimes, ill-fitting dentures can cause folds of gum to build up, which lasers can remove without pain or stitches.

More About Laser Dentistry

The ultra-focused beam of light produces a reaction when it hits tissue, either hard (teeth) or soft (gums). This reaction allows for the reshaping or removal of that tissue. In most cases, laser dentistry reduces or eliminates:

  • Any need for sutures.
  • The amount of blood produced during certain dental procedures, because the laser promotes blood clotting.
  • The need for anesthesia.
  • The possibility of infection.

It can also speed up recovery time! All in all, it’s a great way to get you back to your life happier and healthier!

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Dentistry

What Is Laser Dentistry?

All dental lasers operate on certain wavelengths. The Solea dental laser operates at a unique wavelength that enables high-speed, precision cutting and examination of all parts of the mouth.

Solea actually vaporizes enamel, allowing for more precise cavity fillings, crown lengthenings, and more!

Solea’s beam is powered by a very strong, computer-controlled, finely-calibrated motor. This motor moves mirrors inside the laser thousands of times per second, allowing for a focus as small as .25mm! Its variable-speed footpedal also means less time in the chair for you, and a more finely-tuned, healthier smile. With Solea at Channing Dental, a caring dentist’s office, you’ll get high-tech and warm-heartedness all the way!

Is Laser Dentistry Pain Free?

The vast majority of patients report not feeling anything during a Solea-enhanced procedure, while some report a mild cold sensation. On soft tissue like gums, Solea seals nerve endings and blood vessels as it penetrates the tissue. For this reason, many experience almost no pain after laser treatment. The lasers also promote faster healing of the tissue.

Better yet, you don’t have to deal with that anesthesia-induced numb feeling in your cheek after you leave our office! You can pick up with your normal life right where you left off right after your visit!

Is Laser Dentistry Covered By Insurance?

Solea procedures are covered by insurance in the same way that any procedure involving a drill would be.

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