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Want Perfect Teeth? Start with Invisalign

Straight and healthy teeth are the foundation to any aesthetic dental treatment plan. If you’re interested in upgrading your smile, the first thing you need to do is take care of your dental hygiene. Aligning your teeth so they are not bunched up and crowded will make hygiene much easier.

At Asaro Dental Aesthetics, we love Invisalign because it is the world’s best clear aligner system which has helped over 10 MILLION people world wide. Invisalign sets you up for success by gradually straightening your teeth through a series of clear aligners. Instead of traditional wire braces, Invisalign allows you to remove the trays when it’s time to eat and pop them back in after.

For example, brushing and flossing can be a bit of a challenge with traditional braces. You finagle your tooth brush around the brackets and wires and flossing requires a threader and meticulous attention to detail. With Invisalign, you can remove the trays and go through your brushing and flossing routine normally. When you’re finished, it’s easy to put your aligners back in.

One thing that patients always ask about when comparing Invisalign to conventional braces is food. What can I eat with braces? What foods are bad for braces? What do I have to miss out on for the foreseeable future in order to have straight teeth?

Invisalign removes those questions from the equation. When it’s time to eat, you’ll be able to enjoy all your food without braces. Stash away your clear aligners during breakfast, lunch, and dinner and enjoy everything you love to eat worry-free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign

Dr. Asaro loves answering questions from patients, especially about helping you achieve the smile you dream of. Here are some questions that we hear all the time inside our office about the benefits of Invisalign vs. traditional braces.

How long will my Invisalign treatment take?

95% of our cases are completed in 6 months or less. Say goodbye to 2 years of orthodontics.

How do I know my smile is improving with Invisalign?

In the very beginning of your invisalign journey, you’ll be able to see a three dimensional animation of exactly how your teeth will move AND what they will look like inside your face when you’re finished. Every 7 days you will switch to a new aligner, and gradually over the course of your treatment your teeth will move into the most ideal positions.

How does Invisalign help my gum heath?

Straight teeth are healthy teeth. That’s because brushing is more effective when your teeth aren’t too close together or spaced too far apart. Your gums can surround the teeth properly and will be less swollen or red. One thing that’s always frustrating with traditional braces is getting food stuck in your teeth. This irritates the gums and makes it tougher for a secure fit. With Invisalign, you never have to worry about food lodging itself in your braces and causing irritation on the gumline.

What are the other benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign is excellent at improving the function of your bite. We are able to move your teeth into the most ideal positions and by balancing your bite so that you hit both sides with equal intensity, simultaneous contact, your function and comfort will improve. When the teeth are straight and the gum line is even, your smile will be enhanced and will read as more aesthetically pleasing.

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